Fleet Consultancy Services

Small to medium companies can save money and reduce their emissions by taking advantage of free consultancy offered by the Energy Saving Trust. Whether you need detailed consultancy services to identify the cost and emission reduction opportunities across your whole fleet, or you have a specific challenge to overcome in one area, help is at hand.


Green Fleet Reviews

Through Green Fleet Reviews, experts analyse how fleets currently operate to identify where energy, emission and cost efficiencies can be made and provide bespoke recommendations. Green Fleet Reviews are available to SME businesses typically operating between 20-100 vehicles (cars/vans under 3.5 tonnes). Reviews can include:
• company car/van policy
• data capture, monitoring and management
• mileage reduction strategies
• private fuel and business fuel management
• systems and processes
• grey fleet management and alternatives to private vehicle use such as daily rental, pool cars, car clubs and salary sacrifice.


ULEV Reviews

ULEV Reviews provide advice and guidance to organisations considering how these vehicles might be included in their fleets. ULEV Reviews are available to all businesses operating vehicles (cars/vans under 3.5 tonnes). Looking at your current fleet, the analysis and advice would determine whether ULEVs would work for your organisation from an operational, financial and practical perspective. The following are considered:
• analysis of where and how plug-in vehicles could work within the fleet
• how lower taxes, grants and reduced running costs can make ULEVs cost effective and complementary to your brand’s sustainability image
• a whole life cost analysis, comparing the cost of existing vehicles with suitable ULEV alternatives
• charging and related infrastructure advice .


Grey Fleet Review

This is aimed at companies seeking to take action on grey fleet i.e. employees using personal vehicles for work purposes where other alternatives may be more suitable from safety, cost and emission perspectives. 


Air Quality Review

Full assessment of current fleet and its environmental impact and compliance with Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards including recommendations for running a clean fleet and mitigation against impact of the ULEZ.


The reviews provide impartial, practical advice on best practice fleet management and will be tailored to suit the size of the fleet and the outcomes required. More information on these reviews, what’s required, and who is eligible is available at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/business/transport/fleet-services. Telephone 0800 294 0413 or email enquiries-transport@est.org.uk to find out more.