ZEN Bike offers

Cycle Training - Bicycle with L Plates

Learn to cycle with a free one-to-one session tailored to you.

Dr Bike - spanner and plaster cross

Book a free bike repair session for your workplace or neighbourhood.


Learn to repair your bike with our 4-hour practical course.


Cargo Bike

You can now make sustainable deliveries with a free cargo-bike trial.


Bicycle with E

If your commute seems too far to cycle, try an electric bike!


Workplace Grants

Apply for a grant of up to £2,000 to encourage staff to walk and cycle and improve facilities in your workplace.

ZEN Eco Vehicles offers

Electric Van Trial

Why not try an electric van to cut emissions from your deliveries? We offer trials of up to 1 week of a range of electric vans.


Car with Plug

Thinking about going electric? Trial an electric car for up to 2 weeks.

Electric Scooter Trials

Take a free 2 day trial of a fully electric scooter.


Taxi with Plug

Switch to zero emission taxis to reduce your emissions and travel in style.


EV Grants

Get a grant of up to £2,000 to buy an electric car, van, scooter or bike for your business.



Join a Car Club for free and get up to £100 driving credit!


Scooter Switch

Get a grant of £200 to swap your petrol bike for an electric scooter, e-bike or cargobike. Available for any business or rider delivering in Hackney, Islington or Tower Hamlets.

ZEN Workplace offers

Eco Audit

Save money and reduce emissions, waste and energy use with an Eco Audit.


Reducing Deliver Costs

Collaborate with other businesses in your area to save on deliveries and reduce congestion.


Pound Sign

Get a grant of up to £250 to install cost and energy saving measures in your workplace.