Source London Offer

The Zero Emissions Network is working with Source London to bring electric vehicle charging to members of the network. ZEN members can benefit from an exclusive offer of 2 months free Source London membership and two free charging hours when they sign up to Source London. Email for the discount code*.

2018 was a record year for Source London, a London-wide electric vehicle (EV) charge point network. The network is fast approaching the installation of its 1,000th charge point and has agreements to install charge points in 73% of London’s boroughs.

The network has been growing rapidly and has been driven by residential interest. As a leading provider of EV infrastructure, Source London offers communities a cleaner and greener alternative to petrol and diesel emissions with all their charge points powered exclusively from wind or hydropower.

The charge point provider has launched a new online tool, which allows Londoners to choose their preferred location for on-street EV charging points. People can instantly request a charge point and help improve the environmental footprint of their borough. 

You can start using Source London today by making the most of the exclusive ZEN offer. 

*Valid until 31/01/19 and it can only be used when starting a new Source London Full Membership. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Source London promo codes and/or vouchers.