Zero Emission Deliveries

In the past year delivery services have become more important than ever and zero emission deliveries help to reduce the amount of pollution in the air we breathe. Below we have highlighted the amazing discounts available to ZEN members from businesses delivering parcels and not emissions. 

Pedal Me 

This innovative bike taxi and courier company first joined the ZEN a few years ago when their fleet consisted of 8 bespoke Urban Arrow electric cargo bikes. They have since expanded to have 50 staff and over 50 cargo bikes, which alongside their pink-clad riders are a regular sight on London’s streets, transporting passengers and goods around – and even undertaking house or office moves. The average cost of a two mile journey is £10 and their bikes have a capacity of 150kg. 

ZEN businesses and residents get 20% off their first delivery by cargo bike, plus 5% off all future deliveries. Book a delivery through their app and say that you are a ZEN member to claim this discount. 


Established in 2018, Zedify are a licenced network of independent zero emission delivery operators with a unified brand, business system and shared technology platform. They have depots across 10 UK cities focusing on last mile deliveries and freight consolidation.  They have 22 trikes which have a capacity of 205 kg and six smaller cargo bikes. 

ZEN businesses get one free day of deliveries (based on your businesses daily deliveries). Email to redeem. 

Pedivan Delivery 

Pedivan is a company known for providing an efficient zero-emission delivery service in London. They serve clients of both the industrial and private sectors by using purpose-built heavy-cargo tricycles to provide a quality solution which enables their logistics to become greener and more efficient. Their trikes have a capacity of 250kg and they have a fleet of 10 bikes. Click here to read how a ZEN resident used Pedivan to move house. 

​ZEN businesses get two free deliveries under £50 plus 15% off future deliveries. ZEN residents get 15% off deliveries. Book a delivery through their website  and say that you are a ZEN member to claim this discount. 

XeroE Ltd  

 XeroE is a 100% emission-free logistics company, their main hub is London and have recently launched a second hub in Bristol. Their fleet consists of cyclists, cargo cyclists, electric cars, electric scooters and electric vans. Same hour delivery available and pricing starts at £3. They also have trikes that have a capacity of 250kg. 

ZEN businesses get a free logistics consultancy session and 20% off their first order. Email to redeem.