Zipcar Flex - 'drive and drop'

There is now a new way to enjoy the benefits of car sharing in London. In 2017, the UK’s largest car club, Zipcar, launched Zipcar Flex. Flex’s ‘drive and drop’ model allows drivers to use a vehicle for one-way trips, dropping it off in one of thousands of approved parking spaces at their destination. The new service will allow members to save money, with journeys costing just 29p per minute, or up to £12 per hour. It should also reduce the number of miles driven and emissions produced, by removing the need to drive back to the starting location. This style of car club has been shown to replace 13.4 private cars per car club vehicle, compared to the roundtrip model, which replaces 10.5 private cars per vehicle.*

ZEN members can make the most of this new service with exclusive ZEN discounts:

Business offer – 1 year free membership and £100 free driving credit over 3 months

Resident offer – 1 year free membership and £20 free driving credit See full details here and get in touch at the bottom of this page to open an account.

Zipcar Flex

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Car Club Savings
*Carplus, 2017. Carplus annual survey of car clubs 2016/17 London. Available: Car-Clubs-2016-17-London.pdf.