Cargo Bike Trial

What is a cargo bike?

Cargo bikes are specially designed bikes for carrying heavy loads, large items or multiple passengers such as children. They come in a variety of sizes and designs depending on the intended use. Some also come with electric motors that help you when you pedal so that you can go up hills more easily or travel longer distances. Find out more about cargo bikes here


Why use a cargo bike?

Using cargo bikes is a quick and easy way of saving fuel costs and getting healthier. For businesses, it’s a great way to improving your green credentials and an opportunity to market your business as you ride.


Free cargo bike trial

The ZEN can offer free one-week trials for residents and businesses, to give you an idea of whether this would be compatible with your daily routine. You can book your free cargo bike trial here.

ZEN members also benefit from a 5% discount on new cargo bike purchases from our Zencard partners.