ZEN's Innovation Champions

The Zero Emissions Network has always championed and supported local businesses and organisations who have been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Some of those businesses are now taking the lead in adapting to the new conditions we find ourselves in due to Covid-19 and delivering much needed services, supplies and jobs whilst still maintaining sustainability at the heart of their activities. In fact, we think it is because of these sustainable principles that they have been able to adapt so well to the crisis that has changed so much so quickly.  


  • Elysia Catering, a company who normally repurposes food that would otherwise go to waste to create amazing food for events, are now turning their network and skills to meet the new demands of restricted travel. Elysia offer 100% organic food boxes delivered to your home by cargo bike or to pick-up from their warehouse in Bermondsey


  • Tryd is a new business making strides in reducing the carbon footprint, waste and pollution that online shopping can produce by linking high street retailers directly to homes through mobile technology and electric cargo bikes. The Zero Emissions Network initially supported this company by helping it build sustainable zero emissions deliveries into the fundamentals of the business. Tryd has now launched an “Essentials Store” where you can order household items you need and have them delivered to your door without using fossil fuel vehicles.

NHS and Key workers will receive a 25% discount for every order they make. To get your discount code please contact zeroemissionsnetwork@hackney.gov.uk


  • Erjjio Studios are a web design agency who not only make great websites, but also help businesses reduce their online carbon footprint. It is estimated that the internet emits as much CO2 as the aviation industry* so online sustainability is not to be ignored. In this time, where the virtual is taking a front seat, Erjjio Studios are giving advice on how to get businesses online or just improve their online presence. This can range from making payments easier, hitting the top of a google search or just refreshing the look of a website. At the same time they make sure your website is optimised for efficiency and running on 100% renewable energy.


If you want some specific help, the best digital minds from the Zero Emissions Network have put together 5 ways to get your business up and running online. We can also help with courrier or delviery services if you want to deliver sustainably in London. A number of champions are providing courier services to support local businesses and residents and ensure that delivery needs are met. Pedivan are offering reduced delivery prices to ensure that deliveries can be made to the most in need in this challenging time. Zedify have set up a zero contact, zero emission same day delivery service.


Remember all of these companies are part of Zero Emissions Network, they are supporting local businesses and they are helping reduce the financial impact of the current situation. This is a time where we are having to do things differently and we hope that their stories inspire you to make “different” better than before.